Other Greeting Cards and Projects


Here I have other miscellaneous cards and things I’ve made. Some of the cards you can use for just about anything: a hello card, Mother’s day card, Father’s day card, thinking of you card, thank you card, missing you card, birthday card, wedding anniversary card, or whatever you might need a card for that may be a unique occasion. A lot of them are blank so that you could fill in your own well wishes.

May 1, 2014

Greeting cards, mini books, scrapbook pages, oh my!

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Besides greeting cards I have a few projects I’ve added to this album: the bible verse John 3:16 that I put together on art board, a mini book that you could keep notes, photos and business cards in, and some scrapbook pages.

For the pop-up cards I’ve made, there was an adorable book I found called Pop-up Card. Even though it’s in Chinese, you can just look at the photos and get the gist of what to do. I love it. There were so many adorable DIY craft books in the stores there in Taiwan.